11 bit Reveals TWoM Expansion, Fading Embers

11 bit studios recently announced This War of Mine: Stories latest DLC content. Called Fading Embers, the narrative-driven expansion portrays the exploits of Anja as she struggles to survive in a war-torn environment.

What’s interesting about this addition – beyond the unique views that are normally conveyed in TWoM – is the Fading Embers’ plot and the question(s) it poses.

Tomasz Kisilewicz, lead artist behind Fading Embers, underlines the non-linear approach to gameplay as well as the main theme;

“The latest This War of Mine story focuses on choices that can lead to multiple endings. These branches were necessary to help address the overarching question of what has the bigger value — things made by men that outlast life or the life of a man itself. When you think about it, humans stand against the destructive power of war not only to save themselves but also to save what entire generations have created.”

Fading Embers will be available on PC August 6th. Fans can purchase it for $3.99, unless they have the season pass (of which it’s included).

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