11 bit studios To Show off New Games at Gamescom!

11 bit studios (Anomaly Warzone Earth), is ready to show off its new titles at Gamescom. Being a fan of their work, I’m quite excited!

We’ve got word on three games that are going to be viewable at the 11 bit booth. Funky Smugglers, Sleepwalker’s Journey, and Anomaly Korea are set for release on iOS and Android in the coming months. Hopefully, just like Anomaly Warzone, they’ll eventually come to home consoles as well.

Anomaly Korea is the second installment of this cool tower defense series. It will feature a new campaign, new units, new player powers and more. That’s enough to sell me on the idea.


Funky Smugglers tasks players with removing contraband from passengers on their way to board a plane. Gamers will use an X-Ray scanner to strip plungers, spiders, weapons, and more. Adding to this wacky game is a 70’s inspired soundtrack; that’s one groovy airport!


The last game is Sleepwalker’s Journey. Following the story of Moonboy he sleepwalks through dreams in order to reach his bed. Gamer will need to guide him safely through traps, clear obstructions from his path, and shift his surroundings to create a safe passage to his bed. Sound interesting!


We’re sure more information will be coming our way during Gamescom. Be sure to check back with us as we continue to follow these titles!

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