Animal Crossing’s Isabelle Joins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is possibly the biggest fighting game ever. With icons pulled from multiple franchises (Nintendo owned and otherwise), it features an impressive array of fighters!

This list of playable characters continues to grow with the latest addition, Isabelle. For those that don’t know, Isabelle is a popular character from the Animal Crossing: New Leaf; she was originally an assist trophy character in the original version of this game. She’ll join the Villager (another character from Animal Crossing) but will utilize a similar/unique move set.

I say similar because she has some of the same types of moves as the Villager. I also say unique because her abilities have been altered. Instead of planting a tree (in hopes of dropping it on foes), Isabelle plants bombs that flies and explodes upwards – I assume when a character gets too close or with a second press of whichever button plants the bomb.

Isabelle is charming addition to the Smash roster. It’s pretty obvious that more characters will be announced as we get closer to launch. Here’s hoping for someone from a non-Nintendo title!

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