Bleeding Edge Gets New Fighter/Map at Launch

Bleeding Edge is getting a new character at launch. Named Mekko, this ranged tank is a trash-talking, mech piloting…dolphin?

Mekko is the product of corporate greed. Modified into a biological sonic weapon (one would assume, as a prototype for future arm dealings), he was supposed to use his powers for evil. All of that changed when he was rescued by Daemon and Bleeding Edge.

He now rocks a crab walking mech suit to help protect his friends during battle. For instance, his lifeline ability tether to an ally, taking a percentage of their incoming damage. Makko also has offensive skills. This includes a super called Sonic Barrage that blasts enemies with sonic blasters to deal heavy damage.

Aside from Mekko, Bleeding Edge is also getting a new map called Landslide at launch. Set in Mexico, it’ll feature multiple trains – which will kill anyone who isn’t paying attention – new defensive power ups and more.

Bleeding Edge is set to launch on March 24th for the Xbox One and PC. Its final closed beta is scheduled for this weekend (March 13th – 16th). Feel free to check back here as we continue to cover this title.

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