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06 July 2017

Nintendo Releases New Splatoon 2 Direct Video!

Nintendo release what seemed like, their last Direct Video for Splatoon 2......Read More

06 July 2017

Ubisoft to Release Assassin's Creed Origins Books!

Ubisoft announced a publishing lineup for Assassinís Creed Origins....Read More

06 July 2017

Capcom Releases New Monster Hunter: World Video!

Capcom releases the Monster Hunter: World Ancient Forest gameplay video....Read More

30 June 2017

Devolver Releases Extended Swords of Ditto E3 Footage!

Devolver releases extended gameplay video for The Swords of Ditto......Read More

26 June 2017

SteamWorld Dig 2 is Coming to the PS4 and PC!

SteamWorld Dig 2 is not only coming to the Switch, but the PS4/PC as well!...Read More