News April 11, 2017

Compulsion And Striker Team for We Happy Few Licensing!

Written By: Kenneth Seward Jr.
Date: 04/11/2017

Compulsion Games Inc. has been full of announcements lately. Last week they revealed that their Early Access Title, We Happy Few, was being made into a feature film. Today, they let on that they’ve retained Striker Entertainment to act as their worldwide licensing agency!

Things are moving fast – Striker has already secured several licensees for We Happy Few. We’re talking action figured from McFarlane and costumes/prop weapons from Spirit Halloween. Russell Binder, President of Striker Ent., stated that they believed that “Compulsion’s We Happy Few lends itself to a fantastic program tailored to gamers and collectors alike.”

While he has a point with gamers, does the game resonate with collectors? I mean, I’d personally like a creepily masked, drug induced inhabitant of Wellington Wells action figure, but that’s just me…


Products made via the license will be available later this year. Hopefully, that means We Happy Few will also be released/leave Early Access soon.