News April 17, 2017

EA Announces Star Wars Battlefront 2's Release Date!

Written By: Kenneth Seward Jr.
Date: 04/17/2017

EA recently announced that Star Wars Battlefront II will be released this November. What was more exciting than getting a release date was the information about the game’s campaign – something fans felt was missing from the previous title…

Star Wars Battlefront II will feature a new story that follows the escapades of an Imperial elite special forces soldier named Iden Versio. These events take place 30 years between the destruction of Death Star II and through the rise of the Frist Order. Because of this, gamers will also take control of iconic characters like Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren.

"EA has assembled an incredible set of developers to create a Star Wars gaming experience unlike anything fans have ever experienced," said Douglas Reilly, Senior Director, Digital & Franchise Management. "Star Wars Battlefront II will offer everything players loved about the last installment, and adds new modes that we know the fans want, including an entirely new story developed in partnership with Lucasfilm."

Speaking of modes, gamers will have plenty of competitive options when the game launches. 40 player matches, giant space battles, iconic locations from all three eras (prequel, classic and the new trilogy) – there seems to be a lot to like…on paper. I’m hoping there’s going to be a lot of worthwhile content to dive into. But since it’s easy to get excited for anything Star Wars related, I’m keeping my expectations in check.

Star Wars Battlefront II is scheduled to be release on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 17th. Feel free to check back here as we continue to follow this title!