News June 19, 2017

Gun Media Says "Sorry", Reveals Retro Jason!

Written By: Kenneth Seward Jr.
Date: 06/19/2017

Gun Media has been working tirelessly to improve Friday the 13th: The Games…somewhat rocky experience since launch. And while one could commend them on their efforts, it’s easy to understand why fans might be a bit miffed at the developer. The best thing Gun can do at this point (besides continue working on improving their game) is to apologize…

Saying that Friday the 13th: The Game had a bad launch would be an understatement. That said, Gun Media is looking to make things right. They recently released a new trailer that thanks their fans for supporting them through this rough period. The trailer goes on to reveal a free content update – some niceties for putting up with the server issues, bugs, etc. Check it out below:

That’s right fans. Alongside new clothing for the counselors and 13,000 customization points, gamers are getting a retro Jason, complete with chip tune music inspired by the classic 80’s games as written and performed by Mitch Murder. Who knew we’d be able to slay those pesky counselors with “NES” Jason?

All of this content will go live tomorrow on all three platforms. A nice touch if I do say so myself. Fans who’ve stuck with the game since launch are sure to be pleased. And for those of you still on the fence, well, our review will be posting soon.