News August 11, 2017

Devolver Releases New Absolver Trailer!

Written By: Kenneth Seward Jr.
Date: 08/11/2017

Devolver Digital and Sloclap released a new video for their upcoming title, Absolver. Focusing on character creation, the video will take players through the details of the prospects and character set up. It’ll also show how one’s attire can augment their fighting abilities in game.


Your clothing can denote where you are from (within the game’s world). They also provide different stats that can help or hinder you. Wearing heavy clothing will provide better defensive stats but will slow down your attacks. If your chosen fighting style relies on overwhelming your opponent with punches and kicks, donning heavy gear will make your attacks less effective. That said, it’s good to have some defensive buffs…

Absolver looks just as interesting as it did when it was announced. Even more so. I’m looking forward to spending some time in-game when it launches later this month!

Absolver is launching on August 29th on PS4 and PC. There’s been no word on when it's coming to the Xbox One - just this old tweet