News January 26, 2018

Image & Form and Zoink Form Thunderful!

Written By: Kenneth Seward Jr.
Date: 01/26/2018

Image & Form and Zoink, two successful developers in the Swedish gaming industry, recently joined forces. Not so much on a single project – though that would have been interesting – but to form a new company called Thunderful…

This isn’t the first time Image and Zoink have teamed up. They’ve collaborated in the past. What makes this different is a more structured partnership, though they’ll still release existing/new IPs under their respective labels; Image & Form is bringing SteamWorld Dig to the Nintendo Switch (after the success of SteamWorld Dig 2) and Zoink’s upcoming game Fe is slated for an early 2018 release.

steamworld-dig-2-screen-2(SteamWorld Dig 2)

“We already work together on a daily basis in PR, marketing, intelligence and publishing,” says Brjann Sigurgeirsson, CEO of Image & Form and CEO of Thunderful. “Image & Form and Zoink will continue to produce games like we always do, but we’re now formalizing our close relationship. Through Thunderful we can share resources more effectively, officially act together and launch bigger, more ambitious game projects. We’re becoming a real powerhouse.”

This is good news for gamers. Hopefully, we’ll hear about some new projects that leverage both studios’ talents soon!