News February 7, 2018

NetherRealm Releases Injustice 2 TMNT Trailer!

Written By: Kenneth Seward Jr.
Date: 02/07/2018

WB and DC Entertainment reviews the first gameplay trailer for the newest addition(s) to the Injustice 2’s roster – The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Similar to MKX’s Triborg situation, the turtles will act as a combination character. Meaning, that you’ll be able to choose from each turtle, each with a unique fighting style, based on how you pick their accessories. By choosing swords, a bo staff, nunchakus or sais, in your loadout you’ll choose Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo as your main character. Check em out below:

The turtles will arrive on February 13th for players who purchased the Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition, Injustice 2 Ultimate Pack or Fighter Pack #3 and will be available as a standalone purchase beginning Feb. 20th for $9.99.

If you haven’t read our review of Injustice 2, feel free to check it out. Regardless, make sure to keep it locked here!