Bungie to Transition Away From Activision

Bungie is leaving Activision. The split was announced on their blog today; they stated that the planned transition process is already underway. What the heck happened?

It would seem that Bungie and Activision – though amical in public – haven’t been on the best of terms. Kotaku reported that there has been “ years of tension between the two”. If that’s the case, I can only imagine what the cause would be. Maybe monetization issues (I don’t think anyone liked Destiny 2’s microtransactions) which resulted in less sales, something Activision wouldn’t be pleased with.

Whatever the case, Bungie looks to be on the better end of the break. Not only will they become an independent developer again, they’ll also retain the rights for Destiny. Meaning that they’ll both develop and publish future titles in the franchise. That’s pretty huge when you think about it. The last time this sort of thing happened, Bungie had to give up their IP; remember, Microsoft owns Halo. Then again, that split was on better terms.

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