Crytek Gives Hunt: Showdown a Performance Boost

Crytek recently announced that Hunt: Showdown was getting a performance boost. Dubbed Update 2.4, this boost will allow players with varying PC configurations experience this horror-based FPS.

The update will offer performance improvements, game fixes, and enhancements – all of which are talked about in detail in an eight-minute video interview with Showdown’s devs. The big news has to do with changes in the game’s graphics settings. Namely the option to lower the settings further than normal. Now, players with limited GPU performance can alter the quality of shadows, particles, resolution scaling and more in order to have a better game experience.

This is big news for multiple reasons. One it allows more people access to the Hunt, which equal a larger community and potentially more money for Crytek. It also allows a tailored experience – though my PC was able to run the game with the higher settings checked, there were times when the game felt too dark or the framerate would drop unexpectedly. To be able to further tweak things/smooth out the rough parts (based on each person’s PC) basically equates to good times all around.

Update 2.4 also offers three new weapon packs – one of which includes a crossbow that mixes its characteristics with that of a shotgun, with bolts that detonate on impact – as well as make the new solo mode a permanent thing. All and all, Hunt: Showdown is continually improving. It’s currently in Early Access on Steam and on it’s way to the Xbox One.

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