Crytek Releases Update 5.0 for Hunt: Showdown

Crytek released Update 5.0 for their survival horror/battle royale hybrid Hunt: Showdown. Featuring multiple additions – including a new AI enemy character – and fixes, there are plenty of things worth talking about…

One of which is the Immolator, a new fast-moving flame monster that can interact with the environment. At first glance, he isn’t that menacing. The Immolator can be seen wondering about the world on his own. Once attacked though, he bursts into flames and attacks anyone (or anything) in the general vicinity.

5.0 also added a new semi-automatic pistol. Called the Bornheim No 3., this handy weapon uses compact ammo, has a high rate of fire and benefits from the Bulletgrubber trait – a passive upgrade for Hunters that allows them to recover unfired rounds when performing partial reloads.

Aside from those additions, the updated added the ability to play on Hunt’s maps in different states (Daylight, Nighttime, Golden and Foggy), some quickplay adjustments, performance upgrades and more. Feel free to check out the full patch notes here.

Hunt: Showdown is currently available in Early Access on Steam. It’ll be released on the Xbox One sometime this spring.

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