Dead Block Coming Soon to XBLA and PSN!

Digital Reality and developer Candygun Games announced today that their upcoming zombie defense game, Dead Block, will launch on XBLA on July 6th. For all the PSN gamers out there, July 20th is your release date. For those who are new to the title, Dead Block is set in the U.S. during the 1950’s. It seems that rock ‘n roll music caused an apocalyptic musical plague, turning the deceased into the walking dead. Silly stories aside, the game sure looks like a blast to play (based on the trailer we put up on our YouTube page). Gamers will try to survive the horde by boarding up windows and setting unique traps to fortify different areas, collecting items and power-ups, and using one of the many upgradeable weapons.

“We’re a huge fan of zombies, but we’re even bigger fans of finding the most creative ways of disposing of the undead buggers,” said Balazs Horvath, Director of Publishing of Digital Reality. “Dead Block has been a dream project of ours, and we’re elated to finally unleash it upon the world.”

You can team up with three friends in drop-in/drop-out play to take on the zombies. Dead Block will run you 800 MS points over Xbox Live ($9.99 on PSN). Be sure to check it out!

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Dead Block

Dead Block is a third-person action-strategy game with zombies.  

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