Deep Silver Makes Dubstep Weapon!

Deep Silver, in celebration of Saints Row IV’s forthcoming launch, created one of the most popular video game weapons since the Lancer. That’s right, Deep Silver created replicas of the Dubstep weapon!

The replica is fully functional; it doesn’t make you dance to death, but it does play music. It features four inputs, trigger activated play and pause, and a touch button control panel. It’s about a meter in length and weighs 31/2KG.


The technical features are:
•        Four inputs
o        Line in, SD card, 2 USB ports and radio connectivity
•        Pre-loaded SD card with authentic Saints Row IV dubstep tracks
•        Powerful rechargeable lithium ion battery providing an hour of use
•        Touch Button controls
•        Additional trigger activated play and pause function
•        Custom pearlescent finish
•        Multitude of jazzy lights
•        Black custom case finished in aluminum to keep the gun safe when not in use

Only three of these hand build guns will be made – translation: it was cost a pretty penny to get one if they are ever sold). That said, Deep Silver will release the details on how to make your own.

Saints Row IV launches on August 20th. Be sure to check back here for our review when it’s posted sometime next week!

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