Divinity: Original Sin’s Release Date Pushed Back!

Larian Studios announced that their upcoming, co-op fantasy RPG, Divinity: Original Sin’s release date has been moved back. Instead of being released on June 20th, it will now drop on June 30th. A total of ten days…

This has to be the easiest push back to take; most games being pushed back get released months later. And with so many big titles getting pushed to 2015, a few days wait is nothing. Besides, Larian is saying that the extra time will allow them to fix a number of bugs and add voice-overs for a range of characters.


Players who purchased a copy of the game via Steam Early Access will still be able to enjoy the game until release. Larian apologized for any inconvenience this may cause their fans. Personally, I have no problem waiting for a more polished version of the game!

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