DLC Comes To Dead Block!

Digital Reality and developer Candygun Games announced the first DLC for their title Dead Block, a few days ago. Available now on XBLA, the DLC adds four new maps for gamers to explore. They include another Motel, a Turkish Bath, an Office Building, and a Slaughterhouse.

While new maps are great I would have liked to have new traps, characters, or zombie classes added to the mix. These things would have helped with the repetitive gameplay, one of the only things holding this title back from being great. At the same time, new maps are cool and they did say that this was the first DLC (hinting that there may be more in store).

You can grab the maps for 240 MS points. So far, there is no word on whether or not the maps will be available on PSN.

Seeing as how Dead Block was ported over to the PS3 after its release on the 360, the maps will probably show up there soon.

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Dead Block

Dead Block is a good time waiting to happen. Online play would have helped in this regard though... 

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