Doom Eternal’s Big Reveal Looked Promising!

Bethesda shared a decent bit of news during their QuakeCon 2018 Keynote yesterday. This was especially true for their upcoming action shooter, Doom Eternal – not only did we get a gameplay reveal but we also learned about some of the new gameplay mechanics, weapons and enemies.

The reveal showed a new, amped up Doom Slayer destroying the denizens of hell in awesome fashion. All of the signature elements return; the finishers, explosive weaponry, ect. It also showcased some new abilities and such, one of which was the Super Shotgun’s Meat Hook. This weapon allowed the slayer to send out the hook via a retractable chain, small it into an enemy and then pull himself towards them like an ultra-violent Bionic Commando. It was a sight to see. Not only did it allow him to close the distance (so he can use the shotgun up-close), it also allowed him to better traverse the hellish environment by chaining “grabs” with the hook. Check out the reveal below to see what I mean.

We also get to see the new shoulder-mounted flamethrower, the extendable arm blade, an explosive crossbow of sorts and more. The slayer was basically dispatching foes left and right in grand fashion using cool weapons. In an effort to give him (read: future players) a challenge, id made sure to add in some tough enemies. Both new and classic monsters make their appearance, including fan favorites like the Pain Elemental and Arachnotron.

Doom Eternal looks great. Just like the previous game. I’m personally looking forward to seeing/learning more. Like what led to hell on Earth, the lore that id hinted at, and what changes are being made to the multiplayer modes.

Bethesda is promising to show more sooner than later. We’ll be sure to share the news as soon as we get it!

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