Epic Launches Fortnite’s 10th Season

Fortnite Season X – Out of Time is here. Coming via a free update on…well, just about every platform, this season features new story (Save the World) and Battle Royal content as well as a new a new Battle Pass.

The world is upside down. Or rather, out of synch? Time is all messed up in Battle Royale, with old locations reappearing all across the island. None of them the same as they once were.

Beyond the new (and old-ish locations) comes a new mech vehicle. Called the B.R.U.T.E., the mech allows two players to go rampaging around the island, utilize some serious firepower, and be an overall nuisance to anyone caught on foot.

A new season wouldn’t be complete without a battle pass. Season X does something a little different this time around. Not so much content wise; it’ll still have the normal cosmetic unlocks. It has thematic missions/objectives that unlock rewards upon completion. The pass is also giftable. Fans can purchase the pass for a friend until August 15th on all platforms.

On the Save the World front is a new limited timed event. Players will need to help important characters reach a Radio Station. This is easier said than done; straying too far from the Hover-Truck is a risky move, even if the best equipment lies somewhere out in the Storm.

There’s plenty more content to surf through, including updates to Fortnite Creative. You can find out more about Season X here.

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