Epic Reveals Fortnite Monopoly!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a few times. Fortnite is the new Minecraft; the revelation that its getting the Monopoly treatment speaks to this truth!

That’s right. Donald Mustard, Epic Game’s Creative Director, shared the news on Twitter. A Fortnite Monopoly is coming early October. Featuring large game pieces (representing popular player skins from the Battle Royale mode), locations from the Battle Royale Map, and unique elements – passing go gives HP as opposed to money – this version of Monopoly seems to be offering something new to players.

Fortnite is everywhere now. I’d be shocked if we didn’t get some sort of LEGO set, action figures or comic book series in the near future. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; as long as each item’s quality is on par with the actual game, fans will flock to them. It’s just interesting to see how quickly it’s gone from random Battle Royale/cooperative game to one of the biggest titles around.

Gamers looking to snag Fortnite Monopoly can do so on October 1st. We’ll be sure to check it out for ourselves come next month!

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