Epic Reveals “The Block”/New Game Store During Game Awards

Epic had a lot to show off during the Game Awards last night. Some of which pertaining to Fortnite – not only did they launch Season 7, they also introduced some new game changing features…

We already knew about Fortnite Creative – the private island where players can design games/build “forts” before inviting friends to join the fray. Battle Pass owners are the first to own an island. That’ll change on December 13th, when everyone will have access. Good stuff.

Going a bit further, Epic also revealed “The Block”. This special area (once Risky Reels) will be populated with creations made by other players via the creative mode. The community will vote on which creations are presented during a given battle royale match. There’s no word on how long they’ll be up before being replaced – I’d assume a week, tops? Whatever the case, it’ll be nice to see your work highlighted for all to see.

Epic has been a busy collective of bees. Not only did they make several announcements for Fortnite but they also revealed their new digital store last night. What’s interesting about the Epic Games store – besides being another Steam competitor – is Epic stance on game sales. They plan to only take 12% of all revenue within their store as well as waive all Unreal royalty fees for games using their engine. That’s nuts! Especially, when you consider that Valve takes around 30% of game sale revenue made through Steam.

To top it off, they showcased a new Early Access title (Hades) that’s currently available through their store. Yup…Epic has been busy!

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