Felix The Reaper Gets a Release Date

Daedalic Entertainment and indie developer, Kong Orange, recently revealed Felix The Reaper’s release date. Coming to multiple platforms next month, the romantic comedy game about the life of death is sure raise a few eyebrows…

And for good reason. Felix The Reaper is really charming, despite its grim-ish backdrop. The game tasks players with “helping” humans die – according to the Ministry of Death – by altering events from the literal shadows. That said, that isn’t the main goal. At least, not for Felix.

He’s looking to woo Betty the Maiden from the Ministry of Life; he’s been learning how to cut a rug so that if/when he gets a chance to ask her to dance, he’ll know what to do.

The plot is interesting (to say the least). So is the gameplay. Felix can only move in the shadows. Because of this, he must manipulate the sun and move objects to create safe passages through each level.

Felix The Reaper looks to entertain when it releases October 17th on the PS4, Xbox One (via both versions of the Xbox Game Pass), Switch and PC. I’m looking forward to checking it out in the coming weeks.

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