Fortnite’s Latest Patch Adds Split Screen

Epic continues to shake things up for Fortnite players. Their latest update, which went live today, offers fans the ability to play with friends locally.

This patch (v11.30) introduces split-screen play. Meaning that for the first time, fans will be able to jump into Duos or Squads with a friend on the same PS4 or Xbox One. Which is awesome news – it’s about time one of these “games as a service” titles featured local multiplayer options.

Since this is an early version of the split screen option, Epic is encouraging fans to report any bugs or issues they come across. The plan is to improve on what’s there by utilizing fan feedback.

Beyond the couch cooperative play comes new bug fixes, an updated ammo indicator, and the ability to preview what’s in the item shop using a mobile device. To learn more about this patch, head over to Fortnite’s official website. Just be sure to return here for more game related news.

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