Get Shanked This February!

EA and Klei Entertainment have finally announced Shank 2’s released date. This highly anticipated sequel will drop in North America on February 7th (the 8th in Europe) via Xbox Live Arcade, PSN and PC. It will feature new weapons, smarter enemies, more combos, better controls, and an all new Survival Mode. This new mode will allow gamers to team up with a friend in order to take down waves of bad guys in an arcade styled brawl. If that wasn’t enough for you to check this game out, then…there is something wrong with you. It’s a bloody, action packed, 2D beat’em sandwich with all the fixings. What more could you ask for? Oh…you want it for under $15 bucks? Klei’s got you covered. Shank 2 will be available for 800 MS Points ($9.99). Awesome!

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Shank 2

Shank 2 is a great game. The campaign isn’t very long but it does warrant multiple playsthroughs.  

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