News September 13, 2016

Respawn Announces Titanfall: Frontline!

Written By: Kenneth Seward Jr.
Date: 09/13/16

Nexon, Respawn Entertainment and developer Particle City got together to make Titanfall: Frontline – the first standalone mobile game based on this franchise…

Titanfall: Frontline is a strategy card game that allows players battle it out in real-time using Pilot, Titan and tactical Burn Cards (like the one’s obtained in the main game). Players, known as Commanders in-game, will collect and upgrade their units in hopes of building powerful decks. Do you go with fast Pilots or a few lumbering Titans? What about using support personnel? Defensive units – Respawn is promising the ability to play the way we want by offering hundreds of cards to collect.


“This is an incredibly exciting time for the team at Respawn and for the Titanfall fans around the world with two completely unique games in the Titanfall universe launching soon - Titanfall 2 and Titanfall: Frontline,”
said Vince Zampella, CEO, Respawn Entertainment. “Not only does Titanfall: Frontline capture an experience that feels distinctly Titanfall but it delivers quick and strategic action that anyone with a smartphone will be able to download and enjoy.”

When I said first, I meant just that; apparently, this is the first of a multi-game deal between the aforementioned companies. Hopefully this first title will prove to gamers that this partnership was a good idea!

Titanfall: Frontline will be available as a free download this fall on iOS and Android devices.