News April 13, 2017

Nintendo Reveals New Handheld Pikmin Game!

Written By: Kenneth Seward jr.
Date: 04/13/2017

It would seem that the rumors about a new Pikmin title being released this year were true…somewhat. Instead of getting a new game for the Switch, Olimar and the crew are headed to the 3DS.

This new game, called Hey! Pikmin, is a first for the series. Normally, the game is played from a top down view and feature open-worlds to explore. That’s not the case here. Hey! Pikmin is a platformer, with side-scrolling levels.  


I don’t think you’ll need to carry parts of Olimar’s ship around like before (this game seems to be more action oriented). That said, there will be plenty for the Pikmin to do. Gamers will need to use the touch screen to throw the different Pikmin at the various monsters inhabiting the planet. They’ll also be used to solve puzzles; like weighing down a platform while lifting its counterpart, rising Olimar to new heights.

Speaking of heights, here’s hoping that Hey! Pikmin holds up to this series standard of quality. While I have no doubt that Nintendo knows it’s way around a platformer, Olimar isn’t Mario. That said, it’s good to see them try something “new”.  

Hey! Pikmin is coming the 3DS on July 28th at the suggested retail price of $39.99. A new amiibo figure will also launch on that day, for those of you looking to get a little more out of the game.