Luigi’s Mansion 3 is Coming to the Switch

Nintendo is just full of surprises. Whether it be a sneak peak of a coming title or a big reveal of a new IP, they’re doing a great job of keeping gamers attention on the Switch…

One of these surprises was the announcement of Luigi’s Mansion 3. Making its return to consoles – the last one released on the 3DS – this series looks to feature the same elements that made it a fan favorite. That includes its charming protagonist, creative puzzles, and family friendly gameplay. I hope it also includes some new gameplay elements. The cooperative announced for the original game (being ported to the 3DS) would be a welcome addition, especially if you get to use other characters. I’m partial to ShyGuy myself.

The inclusion of extra characters is unlikely. This is Luigi’s time shine. That said, there’s plenty of room for bonus content, multiplayer options (that doesn’t focus just on Luigi) and so on. We’ll have to wait for a future direct video to see what’s in store. Beyond that is a long wait to…sometime 2019!

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