Microsoft Announces Xbox All Access!

It seems that the rumors were true. Microsoft’s Xbox All Access – a payment plan for those looking to own an Xbox One S or X – is an actual thing!

Gamers can pay a monthly price for two years and receive an Xbox One S or X, two years of Xbox Live Gold, and two years of Xbox Game Pass. The Xbox One S 1TB console will run gamers $21.99 a month. The Xbox One X will run them $34.99 a month. Both payment plans come with 0% APR and no upfront cost. It’s like the plans being offered by cell phone companies but for video games.

While this is a good deal – considering you’re getting a discount on these consoles – there is the fine print to worry about. For one, if you don’t pay off the system within that two year time span, the remaining cost of the console will become due. This shouldn’t be an issue if you’re able to pay the monthly fee each month. Still, it’s worth bringing up. The second thing of note is this deal’s limited scope; it’s only available at a U.S. Microsoft store, it’s a limited-timed offer, and it’s only for qualified customers. Basically, it’s possible to miss out if you live far from a MS store (like me) or aren’t qualified. I’m assuming the “qualified customers” part has to do with those of us who have good credit.

Xbox All Access is a smart move. Not only will it help to sell more system, it’ll also get people on Xbox Live and downloading games via the Pass. Which, both helps in the building of loyal customers; people are more likely to keep Xbox Live/Game Pass if they feel that they are good services post the two-year period. It’s also the cheapest way to game as the plans themselves lowers the cost of the consoles and subscriptions. That’s a win-win situation!

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