News July 28, 2016

UFG Goes Hands on With We Happy Few!

Written By: Kenneth Seward Jr.
Date: 07/28/16

Remember when I told you that we were eager to stream our first session of We Happy Few? Well we did just that…

After we received our preview code, we set up a time and date to showcase the creepiness of Wellington Wells. My take – it is certainly a strange place to visit. Feel free to check out the edited version of my stream below; I made sure to cut down on some of the more boring bits. For those of you not interested in watching the entire vid, you can peruse the separated highlights on my Twitch page.

I recently made it to the “joyful” side of Wellington Wells and will be streaming my time there as well. My full thoughts on the game’s early state will be posted at a later date!

Editor's Note: The game looks much better in person. After being edited, the streamed video's quality took a hit!