Minecraft is Coming to the Xbox Game Pass

Minecraft is coming to the Xbox Game Pass. Which is somewhat odd – I could have sworn it was already included with the service…

Given the fact that Minecraft is owned by Microsoft, it isn’t strange to have thought that the game was already a part of the Game Pass’ library. I hadn’t searched for it or anything; it’s been some time since I’ve played it. That said, I am happy to hear about its pending arrival.

Adding Minecraft to the Xbox Game Pass is a smart move. Not only will it boost subs as eager newcomers sign on to try out this world building phenomenon, but the game’s presence will also strengthen the Xbox’s in-house line up. As fun as Crackdown 3 is (as a mindless shooter) it isn’t a strong title; that game was never going to keep anyone’s attention for long. Minecraft though? Some of its fans have been playing since its Early Access days.

Minecraft will be added to the service on April 4th. That’s plenty of time to decide if it’s worth re-subscribing to the Game Pass for!

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