Minoru and Mina to Join My Hero One’s Justice 2

Bandai today announced that fan favorites, Minoru Mineta and Mina Ashido will join the playable character roster in My Hero One’s Justice 2. Both representing U.A. High School class 1-A, they’re worth checking out.

Mineta’s quirk – Pop Off – allows him to pull sticky ball-shaped objects from the top of his head. Once pulled, they can be used to stick opponents to the ground, objects and other people. They can also help Mineta in non-combative ways; he can scale the side of a building for instance.

Mina Ashido’s quirk also utilizes a unique body feature. She’s able to form corrosive acid to protect her from harm and burn enemies.

Mineta and Ashido are both great additions. That said, there are a ton of U.A. High School students that could be added to the roster. We’ll be sure to share who’ll be joining My Hero One’s Justice 2 roster as soon as that information is shared.

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