Modus Releases 20 Minute Cris Tales Gameplay Trailer

Modus Games recently released new Cris Tales gameplay footage. In it, fans can see protagonist Crisbell as she goes about solving a mysterious disappearance.

Something’s afoot in the coastal town of St. Clarity. Chatting with the townsfolk, Crisbell learns more about the aforementioned disappearance. It isn’t until she uses her powers to visit the past however, that she discovers a solid lead.

This lead takes her down a dark path. The trailer showcases the fruits of her investigation; multiple battles and the hint of something terrible. Beyond that, it also provides a look at the game’s world, Cris’ time-based abilities, the frequency of random encounters, and more.

Cris Tales is an interesting turn-based RPG being developed by Dreams Uncorporated and SYCK. There’s no word on a release date just yet. Potential fans can download the game’s demo via Steam or GOG though. The full game will be available on the PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch and Stadia later this year.

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