New Weapon/Limited Event Coming to Dauntless

Phoenix Labs recently updated Dauntless, their Monster Hunter-like action RPG. The key addition is a new ranged weapon called the Ostian Repeaters…

The Ostian Repeaters are a pair of high-powered pistols that progressively get more powerful the closer you are to an enemy. Get close to a Behemoth and the repeaters will be able to siphon off some of the monster’s aether to empower an upcoming shot. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t put some distance between yourself and an enemy – the last thing you want to do is forgo an advantage, being outside of an attack’s hit range, just for more damage. It just means you should be strategic about your placement during battle.

This new weapon can be customized. Each part (the barrel, chamber, grip, and prism) can be crafted, mixed and matched, ultimately changing the weapons attacks and perks. This allows players to change the repeaters to fit their playstyle. This is important factor, considering most will want to try the weapon out for themselves; there hopefully won’t be a ton of repeater clones running around.

Phoenix Labs also announced a limited timed in-game event called Dark Harvest. This new Halloween-themed event will arrive October 17th, bringing with it a mysterious Behemoth-worshiping cult (the Unseen), limited store offerings, hidden secrets and a new Behemoth. Sounds like a good time!

Dauntless is currently in open Beta. Those looking to visit the Shattered Isles can do so here. Everyone, regardless of interest, should keep it locked her for more gaming related news.

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