Nintendo Announces Switch Game Vouchers

Nintendo shared a lot of information during their recent Direct Video. Most of it had to do with Super Mario Maker 2. There was a separate announcement though, that dealt with the purchasing of video game vouchers…

These Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers are meant to offer Switch Online members with a unique opportunity. In that, subscribers can by two vouchers for $99.99 and use them to redeem two eligible digital games in the Nintendo eShop. For instance, fans can use them to pre-purchase Super Mario Maker 2 and buy Super Mario Odyssey, saving $19.99 on the combined suggested retail price of both games.

While this “deal” showcases a seemingly critical aspect of Nintendo’s games – they’re seldomly sold at a discount, regardless of their age – it does present an interesting opportunity. Both vouchers don’t have to be used at the same time. They’re also redeemable up to one year from the date of purchase. What this means is that you can purchase them now and save one (or both) for a currently unannounced title. As long as it’s available for pre-order before the year is up, you’re golden. And with E3 being right around the corner, there’s bound to be something announced that’s worth purchasing down the line.

What’s also interesting is that the vouchers can be used for games costing $59.99 or more. That part…the more…gives me pause. Does that mean that fans will be able to use them for an upgraded version of a coming title; you know, the one’s coming packaged with DLC or a Season Pass? The fine print says that they can’t be used with any other promotional offers. We’d have to see if Nintendo feels that higher priced additions of their games count as a promotional offer or not.

Whatever the case, you should know that this deal is limited. Those of you looking to take advantage of these vouchers should do so soon. Just be sure to pick two games that cost $59.99 or else you risk not getting your money’s worth.

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