Nintendo Reveals Tetris 99, A “Puzzling” Battle Royale Game

Battle royale games are all the rave nowadays. Like seriously, everyone is making one. Respawn’s recently released Apex Legends easily stood out among the rest. That is until Nintendo announced Tetris 99…

Tetris is as iconic as iconic gets. It’s only right that a newer version is released every so often. What’s interesting about this entry though, it that it’s built for online play. Up to 99 players will be able to compete against one another by clearing lines and dumping trash Tetriminoes into their rivals’ boxes. The goal of course, is to be the last players standing…er…clearing?

The idea isn’t that shocking; people have been doing this sort of thing online for a while now. None of the previous Tetris games had matches with these many players though. Nor did they feature online events, something Nintendo and developer ARIKA have planned for the near future.

Tetris 99 is currently available to download for free on the Nintendo Switch. As one can expect, it’s a good time waiting to happen!

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