Nintendo News

14 September 2017

Nintendo's Direct Video Showcases New Switch/3DS Titles!

Nintendo recently shared a new Direct Video featuring upcoming titles for the Switch and 3DS....Read More

12 September 2017

Nintendo Increases SNES Classic Inventory; Brings Back NES Classic!

Fans will have a better chance of getting a SNES Classic......Read More

18 August 2017

A New Splatoon 2 Switch Bundle Drops Next Month!

Walmart and Nintendo have partnered to release a Splatoon 2 Switch bundle......Read More

09 August 2017

Brawlout is Coming to the Switch!

Angry Mob looks to bring Brawlout to the Switch/adds Hyper Light Drifter to the roster......Read More

06 July 2017

Nintendo Releases New Splatoon 2 Direct Video!

Nintendo release what seemed like, their last Direct Video for Splatoon 2......Read More