Nintendo News

03 August 2018

Red's Kingdom is Coming to the Switch!

A popular mobile/PC title is coming to Nintendo's console....Read More

05 January 2018

The Switch is the Fastest Selling Console in the US!

The Switch has sold more in its first 10 months than any other console in the same time frame. ...Read More

08 December 2017

Angry Mob Announces Brawlout's Switch Release Date!

Brawlout gets a release date on the Nintendo Switch...Read More

08 December 2017

Breath of the Wild Won GOTY; Nintendo Revealed Bayonetta 3!

Nintendo had a great time last night......Read More

14 September 2017

Nintendo's Direct Video Showcases New Switch/3DS Titles!

Nintendo recently shared a new Direct Video featuring upcoming titles for the Switch and 3DS....Read More