News January 13, 2017

Nintendo Reveals Pricey Switch Accessories!

Written By: Kenneth Seward Jr.
Date: 01/13/17

Update: Apparently, the game ARMS doesn’t require the use of motion controls. That is, you can choose to play using the Joy-Cons (combined with the grip) and/or the pro controller. Though this takes some of the steam out of the game, it does allow gamers to play together without having to invest in two sets of Joy-Cons. This is especially great considering how tiring one may become after some intense flailing during a given match.

Original Story:

Nintendo revealed the prices for the Switch’s accessories along with the console. Some of them are bit pricey.


If you want to buy another pair of Joy-Con controllers – the snapable attachments/new-ish Wii mote like devices – they’ll cost you $80 (roughly $40 per left and right controller). If you only need a left or right Joy-Con, you can get a single one for $50. The Joy-Con charging grip costs $30 and The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller goes for $70. Ouch!

There are other accessories but the controllers are the main draw if you’re looking to play with friends and family. This is where the problem comes in. While some games will allow you to use each Joy-Con like a small controller, some of the more unique games like ARMS will require two sets of Joy-Cons; the pro controller won’t help given the need to use each hand separately.


Another problem comes in just buying two more Joy-Cons. What happens when you want to play a multiplayer game that requires a normal game pad and/or no desire to play using just one Joy-Con due to the size of your hands (they look really small)? Well, then you can either buy another grip, which would bring the total cost of a second controller to $110, or buy the Pro controller. Again, ouch.

Now to be fair, the Xbox One and PS4 controllers were $60 at launch. At the same time, they both could be used to play every title released for their respective systems (beyond a Kinect only title). It’s way more expensive to challenge someone in ARMS than it was to go head to head in Killer Instinct. Of course, you could forgo titles like ARMS; just use the boxed in Cons. Maybe get a pro controller for games that require two analog sticks. I’m sure that’s not what Nintendo had in mind though. Like the Wii, they’d want you to get into all of the motion based games. That price though…we’ll see…