News March 22, 2017

Nintendo Shares Splatoon 2's Global Testfire Dates!

Written By: Kenneth Seward Jr.
Date: 03/22/2017

Nintendo revealed the dates for the upcoming Splatoon 2 open beta (their calling it a Global Testfire). Starting this Friday, gamers will once again don the shoes of the lovable Inklings!

Those looking to play can pre-download the demo via the Nintendo eShop. That way, once the game is live, they’ll be able to play right away. This is more than a minor convenience though, as the servers are only going to be live for an hour at a time. Take the first day, March 24th – the servers will be up at 3pm and down at 3:59pm (12-12:59pm PT), then back up again at 11pm (8pm PT). It’s a good thing you can take the Switch on the go. That way if you’re not at home you can still jump in for a match or two…


Here is the schedule for the upcoming Testfire:

•    March 24th: 3-3:59 pm (12-12:59pm PT)
•    March 24th: 11-11:59 pm (8-8:59pm PT)
•    March 25th: 7-7:59am (4-4:5am PT)
•    March 25th: 3-3:59pm (12-12:59pm PT)
•    March 25th: 11-11:59 pm (8-8:59pm PT)
•    March 26th: 7-7:59am (4-4:5am PT)

The Nintendo Treehouse will be livestreaming some gameplay during the first Testfire timeslot here. A good idea, as most of us will be at work during that time; watching a video isn’t as bad as gaming on company time…or so I hear.