Reviews April 7, 2017

Snipperclips: Cut it Out, Together

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Reviewed By: Ricardo Benitez
System: Nintendo Switch
Genre: Puzzle
Rated: E
Players: 1-4
Cost: $19.99
Release Date: 03/03/2017
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: SFB Games

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the obvious choice when purchasing a Nintendo Switch. I mean, if we had to attribute the system’s early success to a particular game, Zelda would be it. But what do you do when you have a friend over and want to show off the console? Have them watch you play one title – you know you aren’t going to pass the controls back and forth all night. This is why I bought SFB’s Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together.

I had watched a few trailers prior to purchasing and wasn't really impressed at first. Then I saw a couple of the Nintendo Treehouse videos where they showcased people actually playing the game and I was hooked. Snipperclips looked like exactly what I was looking for. A fun co-op puzzler where arguments could happen, but the sense of completion/accomplishment makes it all worth the strife…


For those of you who’ve never seen Snipperclips in action, the idea is to take two shape characters, Snip and Clip, and use them to solve an assortment of puzzles. This is done by altering their shaped bodies via overlap – you can cut out a unique shape by “snipping” out the overlapped portion of their bodies – and by moving about the small play area. Some of the puzzles are seemingly normal tasks like throwing a ball in a hoop or bursting a balloon. Others are more difficult, like finding a way to pick up your partner using a crane or cutting each other up to fit into a shaped space. There are roughly 60 puzzles in all, none of which require a “right way” of being solved. To progress, you just have to figure out a way to beat each puzzle.

Teamwork is key to solving each puzzle. This is easier said than done of course as just getting people to play with you can be difficult. Take the time I brought Snipperclips to work with me. We booted it up and the looks I got when the music started playing, a silly repeated motif with high pitched kidlike cheering and exclamations, were quizzical in nature. I told my coworkers to give it a chance. We all did the simple 3 to 5 minute tutorial and before diving in. Now, I’m pretty sure I made a few enemies during our playthrough. What I do know is that we celebrated whenever we completed a difficult puzzle. Boisterous laughter and high fives were happening all around. We had others come by to see what the big deal was and they joined in as well. Pretty soon, we had an audience all cheering and giving advice for how to solve a given puzzle. This was the magic of Snipperclips. Even those who have never played a game in their life could at least watch and enjoy the on-screen shenanigans.


The co-op experience is amazing. The single player, well, that's lacking. You can switch between the two characters to solve the same puzzles, but it's pretty boring. I don't even play it by myself, it's that tedious. Snipperclips is absolutely made for multiplayer experiences. That being said, my score won't take a dive for this; think of it as a digital board game, you wouldn’t say it’s bad just because it isn’t intended to be played alone.  The music is also great for the first five minutes or so. Then it repeats in a loop, and depending on how long it takes to complete a puzzle, you will get sick of the Nick Jr.-like music.

All and all, Snipperclips is one of the best early adopter games available for the Switch. It's a must have to show off the system's convenient use of Joy-Cons and a definite party game. Just be prepared for infuriating shouting, followed by thunderous celebrations!

Gameplay: 10
Simple to learn, hard to put down. This game is perfection for the young and the old.

Graphics: 10
Bright, clear, and kid like. At first it feels too kiddy, but everyone quickly gets attached.

Sound: 9
Music repeats but matches the atmosphere.

Replay Value: 10
As long as you are with friends or family, this game will be a staple for a time to come.

Final Score: