News September 12, 2017

Nintendo Increases SNES Classic Inventory; Brings Back NES Classic!

Written By: Kenneth Seward Jr.
Date: 09/12/2017

Nintendo has finally heard the call. That loud thunderous, unified voice from gamers clamoring for more of classic content. Whether it be releasing a new Metroid game on 3DS or increasing their inventory of SNES Classic systems…actually, it’s mostly the just the latter…

Nintendo announced today that they’ll be shipping the SNES Classic well into 2018. Originally, the plan was to cease shipments at the end of this year like they did with the NES Classic; a move that would’ve resulted in more angry consumers. Given the crazy demand, it made sense to produce more units. I mean, it’s not they are releasing another console anytime soon. And I pretty sure that making a few more wouldn’t hurt Nintendo financially. They’re going to sell out.


Speaking of selling out, Nintendo is also bringing back the NES Classic Edition console. They haven’t announced an exact date just yet – I’m hoping they’ll reveal that info during tomorrow’s Direct Video – only that it’ll be available next summer. Fans who missed their chance to purchase this highly sought item will have another chance. Here’s hoping for no pre-ordering issues or customers fighting in the aisles of Walmart. You know who you are…