News June 14, 2017

Black Desert is Coming to Xbox One!

Written By: Kenneth Seward Jr.
Date: 06/04/2017

A bunch of PC games are headed to the Xbox One. This included PearlAbyss’ MMORPG Black Desert. This action-packed game already had full gamepad support – it makes sense that it would end up on a console soon or later…

What’s really interesting, besides the game itself, is that Black Desert looks to be a console exclusive. PearlAbyss CEO Jung Kyungin stated that “[They] chose Xbox because of its hardware performance, market penetration, and marketing power. Especially, Microsoft has promised us with full marketing support and has actively engaged with us from the beginning. That is why we believe that Xbox is the best console partner for Black Desert”. While that statement doesn’t entirely exclude a PS4 release, as of right now, it’s only coming to the Microsoft’s consoles.

Black Desert has been a hit with gamers for years (it was released in Korea in 2014). That said, I personally haven’t had the pleasure of playing it. I’m sure this will be rectified when it lands on the Xbox One early next year!