QC Announces Breach’s Early Access Launch Date

QC Games announced today that their action RPG, Breach, will launch into Early Access sooner than expected. Those eager to play will finally get their chance to defend Earth from a parallel universe later this month.

For those that don’t know, Breach is a cooperative action RPG where players take on missions to secure Earth from mythological creatures. The catch is that there is a competitive side; one player will control the Veil Demon – a ghost like character that can summon traps and enemies. They can also possess monsters to directly attack the heroes. If you’ve played Fable Legends (before it was canceled) then you’d have a pretty good picture of what Breach is.

Breach will enter paid Steam Early Access on January 17th (pre-orders featuring bonus content are currently available). It’ll launch as Free-to-Play game – like Fortnite – later in 2019.

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