QuakeCon Panel Reveals New Details About Fallout 76!

Bethesda shared more information about the highly anticipated, Fallout 76 today. During a panel hosted by Todd Howard, Chris Meyer and Jeff Gardiner (Bethesda’s game director, development director, and project lead respectfully), we learned about the game’s leveling system, details concerning PvP, and more!

The panel/Q&A session was pretty inciteful. Most of the what was said sounded great – we’ll have to wait for the coming Beta to see if things are panning out. One of the things that stood out to me was the systems concerning PvP and how Bethesda planned on dealing with players who delight in griefing others. If two players want to fight it out, no problem. The winner will be rewarded based on their level in comparison to the loser. If a person kills someone who isn’t looking for a fight though, they’ll get a bounty placed on their head. Even more interesting…the bounty, once completed, will be paid out from their stash of caps. There’s more to it than that of course. But basically, it meant that players shouldn’t act like jerks lest they’re hunted down by everyone on the server.

Feel free to watch the video below to get all of the awesome details (be sure to skip to the 37:53 minute mark).

We’ll be following up with more articles about Fallout 76 as news is released!

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