Developed by:11 bit studios Published by:11 bit studios Genre(s):
  • Arcade
  • Platform:
  • Handhelds
  • PC
  • Cost:$0.99 ESRB Rating:EVERYONE Players:1 Release date:October 19, 2012

    Funky Smugglers

    In a world full of angered birds, jumping doodles, and candy eating monsters, there is still room for more fun to be played on our wireless devices. 11 bit studios wants you to throw on some plaid pants, put on a peace chain, pick out your afro and get groovy with Funky Smugglers. The name itself should draw you to the game alone, but this review should really get you to your market store and download this app!

    Funky Smugglers is a downloadable game for your mobile devices (iOS, Android) placing you as airport security using the x-ray detector to make sure nobody is bringing anything illegal on the planes. It’s set in a 70s-esque time period so you get all the funky style and music of that time, making this game even more fun as you watch hours of your day burn away. 11 bit studios has done a great job creating a simple, yet addictive title; the right combination if you want to succeed on mobile devices nowadays. All you have to do is swipe your finger over the red items taking them off the screen while avoiding losing points by taking away the green items. It seems easy at first, but as soon as you get further into the game, you get more people coming through your airport at a faster pace. It becomes difficult but again, extremely addictive.

    Visually this game is awesome. The vibrant colors go great with the 70s theme and are also captivating with each character that walks through your metal detector. I love seeing how grandma is walking through the detector with a knife in her purse and another weapon in her hair, (where is she from?). I digress, but it is these corky characters that make the game so loveable to look at while playing. The music and sounds here are as fun as the visuals. The music here really pulls everything together in a bell-bottomed, disco balled package.

    This game is easily a must download. It’s a refreshing change from throwing my birds at pigs. Easy way to kill time without even noticing, though you may need rehab for the addiction that may follow!



    It’s simple, funky fun. Play it!



    I dig the awesome visuals.



    The 70’s music is a blast to listen too.

    What's New:


    I don’t I’ve ever played as funky, airport security guards in a game before.

    Replay Value:


    Super addictive; play responsibly!

    Final Score:


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