Rooster Teeth Releases Vicious Circle Gameplay Trailer

Rooster Teeth Games recently released the first official gameplay trailer for their upcoming “uncooperative” multiplayer shooter, Vicious Circle. In it, we’re shown just how crazy things can get for players as they compete for loot in large, colorful environments.

Vicious Circle tasks four players (acting as mercenaries) with collecting nuggets – seemingly the game’s futuristic currency – while a fifth person (controlling a giant monster) seeks to kill everyone else. The mercs can team up to survive the encounter. The problem: only one can make it out alive with the loot.

The game seems to be one part Evolve, one part Hunt: Showdown, and one part…Overwatch? Whatever. All of it looks and sounds entertaining. Here’s hoping that that’s the case when it launches later this year.

Vicious Circle is expected to launch this summer on Steam.

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