SEGA Releases Fist of the North Star Demo!

Anime fans looking to pummel bad guys until they literally explode (as disturbing as they may sound) should be happy about today’s announcement. A demo of SEGA’s upcoming Fist of the North Star will be available on the PlayStation Store soon!

Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise is launching this October. In the meantime, fans can hop on the Lost Paradise demo starting today at 8am PDT (11am EST). Two modes are available: Battle and Adventure. The Adventure mode acts as the game’s campaign – you’ll be able to play a few missions in the city of Eden as well as build a buggy before heading out into the wasteland. The Battle mode lets players skip to the first major boss fight against Kenshiro’s (the protagonist) nemesis, Shin.

Beyond allowing for an explosive experience before the game’s release, everyone who downloads the demo will also get a free PS4 theme. It won’t be available until the game launches next month of course.

Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise explores an alternate version of the manga/anime’s canon. This allows newcomers to enjoy the game as a standalone experience. There is plenty there for long time fans as well. Both groups will be able to purchase Lost Paradise on October 2nd on the PS4!

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