Shenume III Gets a Launch Trailer

Shenume III is almost here. With all of the hype surrounding the title’s existence – a gaming miracle, not unlike The Last Guardian – it’s only right that it gets a solid launch trailer.

The story seems to pick up after the events of the previous game. Ryo Hazuki (series protagonist) and Shenhua Ling continue their journey to find a connection between their families and the legacy of the Dragon and Phoenix mirrors.

The trailer also showcases new faces (friendly or otherwise). One particular villain, named Niao Sun, seems to have dealing with Lan Di – series antagonist and the person that killed Ryo Hazuki’s father.

Fans should be gearing up for the ultimate confrontation. That is, if the trailer is to be believed. It’s possible that Lan will slip through Ryo’s fingers; he’s done it before. Thankfully, we only have a few days wait to find out.

Shenume III will be released for the PS4 on November 19th. Here’s hoping that the 18 year wait between sequels was worth it!

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