Sledgehammer Shares Call of Duty: WWII Campaign/Multiplayer Tidbits!

Activision and Sledgehammer were nice enough to reveal Call of Duty: WWII today. And while we only got a brief trailer and some behind-the-scenes goodness, it was enough to get the fans going. For those of us who are waiting for more information…well, there’s more information…

Call of Duty: WWII focuses on the Fighting First, a squad made up of Allied soldiers, as they fight their way through France, Belgium and Germany; the game centers on the European theater like past CoD titles. Gamers are to expect explosive conflicts, all based on real locations/happenings during the war. Like storming the beaches of Normandy or the liberation of Paris. Check out the trailer below to see what I mean.

Sledgehammer also revealed some details about WWII’s multiplayer options. The game will sport a new approach to create-a-class and character customization. Apparently, gamers will make a character and enlist in a division before progressing through the ranks. There’s also a new Destiny-like social feature called Headquarters. Here, gamers will be able to interact with each other before a match.

More information will be released during E3. Hopefully, this will include the coveted zombie mode – all we got during the reveal was a close up of a Nazi zombie’s face. We did get a release date though. As expected, Call of Duty: WWII will be released to the Xbox One, PS4 and PC this November (the 3rd to be exact) with a beta coming first to PS4.

Again, stay tuned as we continue to cover this game!

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