SNK Releases Haohmaru and Genjuro Samurai Shodown Trailers

SNK recently released new gameplay trailers for Samurai Shodown. Each one showcases a staple character for the series, the first of which is Haohmaru – the game’s main protagonist.

Haohmaru is a wandering swordsman who loves fighting strong opponents. Using his legendary sword, Fugudoku, he’s been known to cut down even the greatest of enemies.

Standing in his way is his rival, Genjuro. Seemingly the opposite of Haohmaru, Genjuro is a force of destruction. He’ll kill just about anyone for any reason. In other words, Genjuro isn’t one to trifle with.

Both characters look great. Fans will be able to use them both when Samurai Shodown releases June 25th. Be sure to check back here as we continue to cover this title!

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